Policy 104: Facility Use

Relevant excerpt

Any individual or group, whether affiliated with the University or not, may distribute at any open, exterior campus space, the use of which is not otherwise restricted or scheduled under this Policy, without registration or advance approval, any written materials on the condition that such materials are informational and not for commercial purposes. Any group or organization that distributes written materials pursuant to this section is encouraged to include the name of the group or organization on the materials.

The following areas are designated as Unscheduled Public Speaking areas: (a) Sanford Mall; (b) Durham Park; and (c) the Duck Pond Field behind Trivette Hall are designated as the Unscheduled Public Speaking Areas on the University campus. These areas are available on a first-come first-served basis for noncommercial speech or assembly unless otherwise scheduled. Any use of the Unscheduled Public Speaking Areas scheduled pursuant to this Policy shall have priority over any unscheduled use.

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