Assembly Policy

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Assembly Policy
The right of peaceable assembly is a guaranteed constitutional right and one which this institution does not intend to abrogate. The following regulations are intended to enumerate the essential provisions necessary to reconcile freedom of assembly with responsibility in any campus meeting conducted for the purpose of expressing opinions of the participants.

A. Peaceable Assembly: Description

Student gatherings may be conducted in areas which are generally available to the public, provided such gatherings:

1. are conducted in an orderly and peaceful manner;
2. do not obstruct in any way vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
3. do not interfere with classes, scheduled meetings, events, and ceremonies, or with other essential processes of the University;
4. if inside a building, are held in an assigned meeting room.

B. Advance Approval: Procedures

1. Only meetings which have been approved in advance through the proper office may be held:

(a) within University buildings;
(b) within University stadia; or
(c) adjacent to residential or academic facilities of the campus.

2. Meetings which would impose an unusual demand upon staff or facilities must have approval regardless of where they are held.

C. Disciplinary Action

Violations of the above University policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

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