Student Guide: Code of Student Conduct – Student Demonstrations

Relevant excerpt

To ensure that public demonstrations do not violate directly or indirectly the rights of others by preventing or disrupting the ordinary operation of the University, all activities in the nature of a public speech, rally, demonstration, march, protest or other coordinated event (“demonstrations”) must be registered and approved in advance by the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Formation or designee.  Boston College reserves the right to condition the time, place and manner of proposed demonstrations, and to withhold approval of proposed demonstrations which reasonably appear to be organized by or on behalf of persons or organizations that are not affiliated with Boston College, or which are intended or deemed likely to disrupt or interfere with University operations, or to adversely impact the mission of Boston College, especially its Jesuit, Catholic dimensions.
To ensure they are organized by and for members of the University community, all demonstrations must have a University-affiliated Organizer, whether one or more enrolled students or the authorized officers of a recognized student organization.  The Organizer must meet with the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Formation or designee to coordinate the event and is encouraged to schedule this meeting well in advance. The planned demonstration may be scheduled no less than 2 business days after this meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to review the details of the proposed demonstration including proposed time, place, manner and size of the event. If the Organizer is planning the event on behalf of a recognized club or organization, the advisor to the club or organization should attend this meeting as well.
Reservation of campus space for any approved event is contingent upon availability.
The Organizer of the event is responsible for all costs associated with the event (including security if deemed necessary by the University). If the Organizer believes they may encounter budget limitations, they should reach out to the Office of the Dean of Students as early as possible to plan for event costs.

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