Major Events Hosted by Non-Departmental Users

Relevant excerpt

In consultation with the Office of Legal Affairs, UCPD will assess security needs based on objective and credible evidence of specific risks, and not on assessment of the viewpoints, opinions, or anticipated expression of event speakers, sponsors, participants, community, or performers. Permissible factors for consideration include but are not limited to: (a) the proposed location of the event, (b) the estimated number of participants, (c) the time of day the Major Event is to take place, (d) the date and day of the week of the Major Event, (e) the proximity of the Major Event to other activities or locations that may interfere, obstruct, or lessen the effectiveness of the security measures being implemented, (f) the resources needed to secure the Major Event, (g) the anticipated weather conditions, (h) the estimated duration of the Major Event, and (i) any similar content-neutral considerations relevant to assessment of security needs.

The event organizers must agree to reimburse costs of basic event security provided by UCPD. Basic event security consists of UCPD presence (required at some facilities) and related costs necessary to carry out an event in the absence of any expected disturbance. The cost of extraordinary security necessary to protect the larger community is borne by the campus.

If the campus requires additional security beyond what the published schedule anticipates, the campus will bear all costs associated with that additional security. Additional security fees will not be charged to event sponsors based on concerns that the content of the event or the viewpoints, opinions, or anticipated expression of the sponsors, event performers, or others participating in the event might provoke disturbances or response costs required by such disturbances.

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