Title IX: Policies- Definitions

Relevant excerpt

“Sexual Harassment” means unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature. Where sexual harassment is sufficiently severe or pervasive that it substantially interferes with a student’s College employment, academic performance, participation in College programs or activities, or living, learning or working environment, the sexual harassment creates a hostile environment in violation of Title IX and this Policy.

Sexual Harassment may include, for example, unwelcome physical contact; sexually explicit comments in person or via phone, letter, note, gift, text message, email or other electronic medium; sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; unwelcome invitations to engage in sexual activity; unwelcome commentary about an individual’s body or sexual activities; threatening to engage in an unwelcome sexual act with another person; engaging in indecent exposure; and stalking or cyber stalking. A single instance of unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature may constitute Sexual Harassment if it is sufficiently serious.

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