Campus Administrative Policy 140: Use Of University Property and Time, Place and Manner

Relevant excerpt

Freedom of expression activities may take place on campus with the following exceptions: Vehicular roadways (without the express permission and in coordination with the University Chief of Police); parking lots or parking structures; inside University buildings, residential housing and facilities; and within 30 feet of any location in which instructional, educational, residential, and/or official University business activities are being conducted.

Popular locations for freedom of expression activities have traditionally been designated as the “University Commons” which include the University Union (UU) Plaza, Dexter Lawn, Mustang Way, and Mott Lawn. It should be noted that on occasion all or some portion of these areas may have been reserved in advance. In such cases, the individuals or groups having initially reserved those spaces will be deemed to have priority, and other individuals or groups may be referred to another available outdoor space.

Other outdoor spaces on campus may be used as public gathering spaces for events and activities. Use of University Scheduling protocols is encouraged in all cases, to facilitate coordination with other events and among potential campus service providers. Where amplified sound, equipment or commercialism are involved, use of University Scheduling protocols is required.




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