Student Handbook: Rights and Responsibilities- Racism and Acts of Intolerance Policy

Relevant excerpt

The Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University system, on November 3, 1989, endorsed the following policy regarding racism and acts of intolerance:
• Institutions within the Connecticut State University system have a duty to foster tolerance;
• The promotion of racial, religious, and ethnic pluralism within the University is the responsibility of all individuals within the University community;
• Every person within the University community should be treated with dignity and assured security and equality;
• Individuals may not exercise personal freedoms in ways that invade or violate the rights of others;
• Acts of violence and harassment reflecting bias or intolerance of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnic or cultural origins are unacceptable; and
• The University shall take appropriate corrective action if such acts of violence or harassment occur.

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