Use of Facilities Policy Manual: Designated University of Cincinnati Spaces for Outdoor Speaking Activities Policy

Relevant excerpt

[T]his policy acknowledges broad rights for the university’s students engaging in expressive activity on campus…The generally accessible outdoor areas of campus are public forums and members of the Campus Community may engage in expressive activity in these areas, subject to the content-neutral and view-point neutral time, place and manner restrictions stated in this policy and the Use of Facilities Manual.

Students need not pre-register or schedule their speaking activities except as explicitly required by this policy. Nonetheless, advance scheduling is encouraged because students may spontaneously use designated areas for speaking activities at any time that the spaces are unoccupied, but will be asked to move along to make way for scheduled activities.

Students must register at least 72 hours in advance with the university, through CES, any speaking activity with anticipated attendance of 5,000 people, and any speaking activity as to which the following capacity limits will be approached for the designated areas:
1. Bearcat Pavilion (1,000)
2. Bearcat Plaza (2,000)
3. Campus Green (capacity is 20,000; registration required for 5,000)
4. CRC East (1,000)
5. CRC West (500)
6. McMicken Commons (capacity is 10,000; registration required for 5,000)
7. Sigma Sigma Commons (5,000)
8. TUC Plaza (2,000)

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