Clarion University Community Standards: Assembly Policy

Relevant excerpt

Clarion University acknowledges the rights of individuals, regardless of their affiliation to the University, to assemble in groups. Therefore, anyone may distribute printed material, offer petitions for signature, make speeches, and hold protests or demonstrations outside university buildings. All such activities must avoid acts or credible threats of violence and preserve the normal operation of the University.

This policy prohibits harm to others, damage to or defacement of property, blockage of access to University buildings, or the disruption of classes. The enforcement of this policy will not depend in any way on the message or sponsorship of the act or event. Should events be deemed by the University Administration to interfere with the operation of the University, jeopardize the public safety, and/or fail to abide by the standards set forth above, the University Police may take any actions they deem appropriate, including ending the event.

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