Statement on Freedom of Expression and Community Values

Relevant excerpt

Clark University is committed to free speech, the free pursuit of inquiry and the free exchange of ideas. These fundamental rights are central to our educational mission.

Clark was founded on the principle of free intellectual inquiry. This includes a broad latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn. We are a community where the free and open exchange of thought, belief, opinion, and expression is highly valued because it promotes better knowledge and understanding. Our community is composed of people with diverse histories and cultural viewpoints and encompasses a wide array of disciplinary perspectives. The ideas of different members of our community may often and quite naturally conflict. Pursuing ideas freely and openly, allowing all ideas to be criticized and tested, we must manage this conflict in ways consistent with our mission as a community of learners.

We are committed, as a university, to guaranteeing the rights of speech, inquiry, and expression to all members of our community.

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