Student Code of Conduct: Definitions 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: Appalachian State University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: July 29, 2014

Relevant excerpt

“Hostile Environment” is an environment that both a reasonable individual would find hostile or abusive and one that the particular individual who is the object of the harassment perceives to be hostile or abusive. Hostile environment is determined by looking at all of the circumstances, including the frequency of the allegedly harassing conduct, its severity, whether it is physically threatening or humiliating, and whether the conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, academic advancement, participation in extracurricular activities or access to University services. In some cases, a single incident may constitute harassment. Examples of conduct that could create or contribute to hostile environment harassment may include, but are not limited to, unwelcome jokes about disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc.; offensive or degrading physical contact or coercive behavior, including stroking, patting or similar physical contact; pictures, posters, graffiti or written materials displayed in a workplace or classroom which are offensive or obscene; and exclusion of individuals from meetings or University activities due to their religious beliefs or other protected class status.

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