The Maverick Guide: General University Policies- Free Speech

Relevant excerpt

The rights of free speech and peaceful assembly, as enumerated in the Constitution of the United States, shall be upheld and protected by Colorado Mesa University. The University affirms the rights of students and others to assemble on the University campus for peaceful rallies, demonstrations, and gatherings. In support of this effort, the University will make reasonable accommodations regarding the manner in which persons may exercise their rights to free speech to assure the orderly operation and safety of the campus community.

In the exercise of free speech, the rights and privileges of all persons shall be respected and there will be no tolerance for activities that endanger the health or safety of the campus community, visitors, or guests. Additionally, such demonstrations must not unreasonably disrupt the normal conduct ofUniversity operations, impair the learning environment or endanger University property or persons.

In the event safety or disruption becomes an issue for the University, its students, staff, and/or faculty, or the individual or organization(s) involved in free speech activities, this policy does not limit or constrain the University or law enforcement authorities to maintain and protect public safety, as established in law, including moving such demonstrations to a reasonably central campus location that may mitigate safety issues or disruptions to the learning environment.

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