Student Housing & Residential Life – Community Standards: Discrimination/Harassment

Relevant excerpt

Discrimination/Harassment – Decorations: When decorating your living area (including, but not limited to, the interior and exterior of room windows, lounges, etc.), please remember that you are part of a diverse community. If community members approach Student Housing & Residential Life staff members with concerns about displaying decorations (including, but not limited to comic strips, videos, posters, phrases, quotes, signs and/or other forms of expression, etc.), residents may request the removal of materials in public view. While we support the rights of individuals to express thoughts and ideas, reasonable time, place, and manner of that expression will be expected of all community members so individuals can live in an environment without ‘decorations’ that may be pornographic, discriminatory, or which promote hate toward community members, including members of constitutionally protected categories.

Discrimination/Harassment – Inappropriate Language: Using vulgar, discriminatory, or harassing comments or language when interacting with community members (students, faculty, staff, administrators, etc.) may be subject to conduct action.

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