Policy on Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression and the Use of Campus Buildings and Grounds (Interim)

Relevant excerpt

Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of a democratic society and is essential to the educational process. Universities have a special obligation not only to allow but also to encourage and support the free expression of ideas, values and opinions, even where they may be unpopular or controversial. CSUN accepts and embraces this obligation, recognizing that such expression may take a variety of forms, such as speeches, signs, written materials, public assemblies, demonstrations, performances and artistic representations.

CSUN has established procedures for planned events and activities to ensure effective coordination and to provide individuals and groups with a means to reserve facilities, spaces, equipment, and other resources and support services. … These scheduling procedures do not apply to spontaneous events. In such cases it is recommended and preferred that individuals and groups follow scheduling protocols, but they are not required.

While freedom of expression is allowed in all outdoor spaces on campus, the Matador Square is the place where individuals and groups are encouraged to assemble to exercise the right of free expression unless the space has already been scheduled by others in advance.

Non-commercial written and printed materials may, without prior written approval, be distributed in any outdoor area of CSUN.

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