Policy on Speech and Advocacy

Relevant excerpt

CSUSB believes that students and employees of CSUSB and members of the public are free to lawfully exercise their constitutional right to freedom of expression on University property, consistent with University policies and California and federal laws. Freedom of expression activity includes, but is not limited to, pure or symbolic speech, assembly, meeting, demonstrations or rallies, picketing, petitioning, distributing flyers, mime and theater, music and singing, survey research, and religious or political activity.

Time.  CSUSB-affiliated individuals or groups may engage in freedom of expression activities at any time. Non-CSUSB affiliated groups or individuals can do so only between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm daily.

Place. Popular locations for the exercising of the freedom of expression include the Santos Manuel Student Union North and South Plazas. Freedom of expression activities by non CSUSB-affiliated individuals or groups are not allowed inside parking lots and university buildings or within 20 feet of any location in which instructional, educational and/or official business activities are being conducted.

Manner. Freedom of expression activities by both CSUSB-affiliated and non CSUSB-affiliated individuals and groups:

  1. shall not unreasonably interfere with or obstruct the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic,
  2. shall not unduly interfere with or disrupt the conduct of University business,
  3. shall be carried out without creating excessive noise by use of an amplifying device (see Section 5.6., below, for amplified sound restrictions),
  4. shall not unreasonably interfere with classes in session or other scheduled academic, educational, or cultural/arts programs or events,
  5. shall not promote an unlawful end, such as promoting actual violence or bodily or property harms, terrorist threats, defamation, obscenity, or false advertising, and
  6. shall not violate any federal, state or local safety code, such as regulations set by the State Fire Marshal.

Persons distributing solicitation and promotion materials shall make a reasonable effort to retrieve and remove them prior to their departure from the activity areas on the same day.

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