Campus Administrative Policy #3017: Campus Posting, Announcement, Sign and Display Procedure and Approval Process—CU Denver

Relevant excerpt

1. Approvals for postings
a. Students, staff and faculty should contact the Denver Campus Facilities Management Office at 303-315-2205, or the Facilities Dispatch at 303-724-1777 for questions and approval to post flyers, signs and notices.

2. Only flyers, signs and notices that are mission related are allowed. A mission related announcement is one that is in connection with the education, research and community service missions of this institution that are sponsored by faculty, staff, or recognized student organizations.

3. Flyers, signs, and notices must be non-offensive, that is, they should not include language inciting imminent lawless action, threats of imminent bodily harm or injury to others, unlawful harassment, obscenity, or defamation.

5. Postings must include the following:
a. Date flyer is posted.
b. Sponsoring entity’s name and contact phone number.

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