Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX: Bias Incident Response

Relevant excerpt

DU defines bias incidents as any behaviors, including speech and gestures, that target individuals or groups based on their actual or perceived group identities, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, age, disability, national origin, religion and others. Examples may include, but are not limited to, graffiti, harassment, jokes, direct insults, etc.

The specific forms, content, motivation/intention and impact of bias incidents vary; but all detract from the inclusive community to which DU is committed. Therefore bias incidents are problematic for everyone within the University and for the University as a whole.

On their own and/or in combination with other actions, bias incidents may also constitute violations of:

  • the DU Honor Code
  • policies outlined in the Housing & Residence Education Guide to Residence Living
  • other University policies (e.g., discrimination or harassment), and/or
  • legal statutes (e.g., general and/or so-called “hate” crimes under local, state, and federal law)

Thus, beyond the Response Protocol described here, bias incidents may also be subject to investigation and adjudication by other campus offices and/or governmental bodies (e.g., police, EEO, etc).

1. Reports are received and reviewed by staff of the DU Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX, who will take action directly, and/or refer to other campus units.

2. When incidents do not rise to the level of legal or policy violations, and/or when persons/ communities impacted by any incident may need support, they will refer reports to the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT).

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