A-Z Policies: Computing and Electronic Communications

Relevant excerpt

In making acceptable use of resources you must not:

  • Use another person’s system, files, or data without permission (note that permission from an individual user may not be sufficient—some systems may require additional authority).
  • Give your password to another person (including to your parents). Contact the OIT Service Desk if you need assistance with giving other people authority to access your files or e-mail.
  • Attempt to circumvent or subvert security measures.
  • Engage in any activity that might be purposefully harmful to systems or to any information stored thereon.
  • Make unauthorized modifications to university data.
  • Make or use illegal copies of copyrighted software or other copyrighted works, store such copies on university systems, or transmit them over university networks.
  • Use the university’s systems or networks for commercial purposes; for example, by selling access to your userid or by performing work for profit with university resources in a manner not authorized by the university.

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