REG 07.30.06: Freedom of Expression Regulation – Interim

Relevant excerpt

2.8.“Expressive Activity Area” (“EAA”) means, for purposes of the East Campus, the Mall, the Brickyard, the Common Areas of the Student Center, and those out-of-doors areas that have been consistently open to the Expressive Activity of Members of the University Community by tradition or by administrative approval.

4.1.Prior Notice Generally Not Required for Expressive Activity in an EEA by a Member of the University Community or Guest of that Member. Although generally not required, Members of the University Community and Guests planning to engage in Expressive Activity in the Expressive Activity Areas (“EAA’s”) of Campus are strongly encouraged to contact the Central Reservations Office (“CRO”) preferably before, or at least during, an Expressive Activity. The CRO offers guidance in scheduling and planning, and works with the campus facilities and service providers to help ensure a successful and safe event. The CRO may also be helpful in identifying alternative space if an area is already reserved or in use.

4.1.1.Exceptions Requiring Prior Notice. Members of the University Community and Guests, must, however, contact the CRO at least two business days prior to the start of a planned Expressive Activity in an EAA in those instances where the Activity is reasonably expected to meet one or more of the three criteria below: more than 100 people are expected to attend; the Expressive Activity was planned more than two business days in advance of its anticipated start time; or the Expressive Activity will include placement of any of the following on Campus: stages, podiums, chairs, tables, vehicles, trailers or any object that will pierce or be driven into any of the Campus grounds or buildings.

4.1.2.Where an Expressive Activity in an EAA by a Member or Guest was not initially expected to meet any of the above three criteria, but evolves to meet one or more of those criteria, the responsible Member and/or Guest, as applicable, shall make reasonable efforts to inform the CRO of the Activity with as much lead time as possible under the circumstances.

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