Policies and Procedures: Use of college facilities for expressive activities

Relevant excerpt

“First amendment activities” include, but are not necessarily limited to, informational picketing, petition circulation, the distribution of information leaflets or pamphlets, speechmaking, demonstrations, rallies, appearances of speakers in outdoor areas, protests, meetings to display group feelings or sentiments, and/or other types of constitutionally protected assemblies to share information, perspectives, or viewpoints.

(2) Policy. Subject to all other applicable regulations and requirements of this chapter, individuals and/or groups may use the college’s designated public forum areas for those activities protected by the first amendment.

(4) Designated public forum area. The college designates the following public forum areas are:

(a)       The bricked areas of Red Square;

(b)       The public sidewalks adjacent to public roads.

Except for the use of a campus designated public forum as described in 174-136-048 WAC, use of college facilities for political activities, as described in this section, must have prior approval of the vice president for finance and administration or designee.

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