East Tennessee State University Policy on Use of Campus Property and Facilities

Relevant excerpt

The University has designated two areas that may be used as a limited space for ad hoc meetings, rallies, protests, demonstrations by affiliated entities, and/or individuals. These areas may also be used by Non-Affiliated Entities, and/or individuals under the same regulations. The two areas identified for this purpose are (1) the Amphitheatre and upper Pridewalk lawn area and (2) designated areas within the Sherrod Library Borchuck Plaza, specifically excluding the Sherrod Library steps and the fountain structure. The time frame in which these areas are available is between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm daily. The same entity may use one of these areas up to four (4) times per four (4) week period. The university will consider the request for more than four (4) uses in a four (4) week period by Affiliated Groups and entities. If ETSU public safety determines that barriers are necessary for crowd control purposes, a sectioned off area may be created for the user.

No assembly, meeting, demonstration or other activity will be authorized or permitted on any property or in any building or facility without a Request for Use of Facility. Any attempt to hold an assembly, meeting, demonstration or other activity without a valid, approved Request for Use of Facility form will result in participating individuals being asked to leave University property.

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