EWU Policy 901-04: Bullying Prevention and Response

Relevant excerpt

Eastern Washington University will not tolerate bullying behavior directed toward any member of the university community or to any person on university property.

Bullying is behavior that is:

  • Intentional;
  • targeted at an individual or group;
  • repeated;
  • hostile or offensive; and,
  • creates an intimidating and/or threatening environment which produces a risk of psychological and/or physical harm.

Bullying behavior may take many forms, including, but not limited to, physical, verbal, or written acts or behaviors.  It may also manifest as excluding behavior such as ignoring or dismissing individuals or groups.

Hostile behaviors include, but are not limited to, behaviors that are harmful or damaging to an individual and/or property.  Behaviors that are intimidating, threatening, disruptive, humiliating, sarcastic, or vicious may also constitute hostile behavior.

Offensive behaviors may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate behaviors such as abusive language, derogatory remarks, insults, or epithets.  Other offensive behaviors may include the use of condescending, humiliating, or vulgar language, swearing, shouting or use of unsuitable language, use of obscene gestures, or mocking.

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