Code of Student Community Standards: Freedom on the Campus and Uniform Regulations of Campus Activity/Facility

Relevant excerpt

1. The University may place reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on campus activity/facility use to the extent the restrictions are not based on the content of the presentation, are narrowly tailored to serve a significant institutional interest, and leave open ample alternative channels of communication. Such restrictions may relate to advance notice, security, parking, advertising, indemnification, insurance, health and safety, as well as other areas.

2. A request for a campus activity/facility use may be denied by the University, after proper inquiry, where the activity/event will constitute a clear and present danger to the University’s orderly operation because of the speaker’s advocacy of such actions as:

a. The violent overthrow of the government of the United States, the State of Michigan, or any political subdivision thereof;
b. The willful damage to, destruction of, or seizure and subversion of the University’s buildings or other property;
c. The forcible disruption of, impairment of, or interference with, the University’s regularly-scheduled classes or other educational functions;
d. The physical harm, coercion, intimidation, or other invasion of lawful rights of the University’s officials, faculty members, or students; or
e. Other campus disorders of a violent nature.

For purposes of this subpart, “advocacy” means preparing the group addressed for imminent action and steeling it to such action, as opposed to the abstract espousal of the moral propriety of a course of action by resort to force; and there must be not only advocacy to action but also a reasonable apprehension of imminent danger to the essential functions and purpose of the University.

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