FIU-105: Regulation on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct Including Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking

Category: Harassment Policies School: Florida International University Statement Rating: Green Last updated: August 30, 2017

Relevant excerpt

Offensiveness of conduct, standing alone, is not sufficient for the conduct to constitute prohibited Harassment. The conduct must be sufficiently severe to interfere with an individual’s ability to participate in employment or educational program and activities from both a subjective and objective perspective.

Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment is defined as those incidents that are sufficiently pervasive, persistent, or severe that a reasonable person would be adversely affected to a degree that interferes with his/her ability to participate in or to realize the intended benefits of a University activity, employment, or resources.

Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment includes

(1) unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal, physical, or electronic conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile, intimidating, or abusive environment;

(2) verbal, physical, or electronic conduct based on Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or sex-stereotyping that creates a hostile, intimidating, or abusive environment, even if those acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature; or

(3) exhibiting what is perceived as a stereotypical characteristic for one’s Sex or for failing to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity and femininity, regardless of the actual or perceived Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Gender Expression of the individuals involved.

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