Policy 11-10: Public Speech and Peaceful Assembly

Relevant excerpt

FLC’s generally accessible, open, outdoor areas on campus and non-academic publicly accessible facilities are open to individuals or groups for all non-commercial expressive activities, whether planned or spontaneous, including the distribution of material and collection of signatures, as long as those expressive activities do not disrupt the normal functioning of the college, or materially disrupt previously scheduled or reserved activities.

Any individual or group planning an assembly that is expected to attract a crowd of more than 50 people is required to notify the Student Union Operations & Facilities Scheduling Office of its plan and is strongly encouraged to coordinate its plan with the Office well in advance of the scheduled assembly.  The purpose of the notification and coordination is to facilitate orderly operation of such an assembly within reasonable regulations regarding the time, place, and manner of exercising First Amendment rights, to prevent disruption of the normal college educational and business activities, and to protect the health and safety of the campus community members and property.

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