Office of Student Conduct: Student Rights and Responsibilities (Code of Conduct)

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Demonstrations by Groups or Individuals

The campus must be open to a free exchange of ideas and individuals and groups have protected Constitutional rights; therefore, all members of the community are encouraged to conduct dialogues with mutual respect and courtesy.

The following conduct is prohibited:

a. Denying to other students, officials, employees, or invited guests of the University lawful freedom of movement on the campus, lawful use of the property or facilities of the University, or the right of lawful entrance to and exit from any of the University’s facilities.
b. Impeding the staff or faculty of the University in the performance of their duties, or impeding any student of the University in the pursuit of his or her legitimate educational or social activities, through the use of restraint, coercion, or intimidation, or when force and violence are presented or threatened.
c. Engaging in any intentional overt activity resulting in the obstruction to, disruption of interference with any of the legitimate missions, processes, procedures, or functions of the University.
d. Refusing to vacate a building, street, sidewalk, driveway, or other facility of the University when directed to do so by an authorized official of the University having just cause to order such evacuation.
e. Making unnecessary noise or causing noise to be made with objects and instruments, which disturb University functions or community living.

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