Free Speech and Demonstration 05-06

Relevant excerpt

Bridgewater State College, as an educational institution, strongly supports the tenets of free
speech by all members of the college community. Lecture and other public events that promote
the free and open exchange of diverse ideas are supported and encouraged. Additionally, the
college recognizes that various forms of demonstration may either accompany such events or,
in other cases, be organized to promote ideas and/or thoughts regarding other issues.
Dissent and/or demonstrations are viable expressions of thought and shall be viewed as such.
Methods of peaceful dissent such as picketing, dissemination of literature, etc., can perform an
educational function on campus. However, they should not be disruptive, result in damage or
destruction, or represent a physical or emotional threat to any individual or group. The use of
force or violence is not viewed as an acceptable form of dissent.

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