Free Speech Policy 05-06

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1. Policy Statement

The primary purpose of an academic community is to search for truth. Indispensable to that search is the freedom to think as you wish and to speak as you think. Therefore, in keeping with the purpose of the University of Maine System there shall be no restrictions, on any of its campuses, placed on the fundamental rights of free speech and assembly except those necessary to protect the rights of others and to preserve the order necessary for the University to continue its function as an institution of higher education.

The entire outdoors of the campus is open to any form of expression or opinion by students, faculty, staff, and invited guests; the only limitations being that normal University functions may not be disturbed and the free flow of traffic may not be disrupted. Individuals or groups wishing to use outdoor facilities shall contact the vice president for administration within a reasonable time in advance for permission of their use. Inside facilities that are used for scheduled meetings are also to be made available on a nondiscriminatory basis; these shall also be scheduled through the Office of Administrative Services.

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