Adopted Regulations: Student Life- FSU-3.003 Freedom of Expression Rights and Responsibilities, Open Platform Areas

Relevant excerpt

Certain outdoor areas of campus may be reserved by individuals or groups or otherwise may be restricted for official University use. Groups planning outdoor assemblies should provide advance notice per applicable event permitting processes to ensure space availability and the adequate provision of security; however, lawful, spontaneous assemblies may occur provided that they are in compliance with applicable time, place, and manner restrictions, do not materially and substantially disrupt university operations or the expressive activities of other individuals or groups, and do not present a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of the university community.

(a) University and University related persons, groups, and organizations, as defined in Regulation FSU-2.007, may invite persons from outside the University to speak to their memberships and the public. If University facilities are to be used for holding the meeting, prior scheduling and space reservations approval shall be obtained pursuant to Regulation FSU-2.007. Speakers wishing to express all varieties of opinions and viewpoints are welcome at the University.

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