Student Handbook: Use of University Space

Relevant excerpt

[T]he University reserves the absolute right as a private landowner to refuse any request for the use of its space that–in the University’s sole discretion–is either inconsistent with the mission, character, and values of the University, or that may present potential or actual adverse logistic or administrative conditions including, but not limited to, any safety or security concerns. The right of refusal for the use of University Space includes the cancellation of an Event.

An Event is broadly defined and interpreted by the University as any planned gathering of individuals or groups, including, but not limited to, performances, forums, rallies, dances, speakers, conferences, concerts, lectures, social functions, celebrations, protests, and other presentations.

Because the University may require additional consideration before granting a reservation, Internal and External Registrants should make a space request no later than 14 days prior to an Event. Failure to submit a request within 14 days may result in the request being denied without consideration.

Vigils, forums, celebrations, or other unique Events that, by their nature, primarily benefit the University community and under no reasonable set of circumstances could meet the 14-day requirement may be granted the use of University Space provided that such Events receive expedited review by the Vice President for Student Life (for an Event that primarily benefits the University’s students) or by the Provost (for all other Events). The expedited review process is only available to Internal Registrants. The University strongly encourages its Internal Registrants to pursue an expedited review in order to insure a safe and successful Event. However, the University supports and acknowledges that sometimes spontaneous or impromptu Events by individuals employed by or enrolled at the institution are pivotal to achieve the principles of a liberal arts education. Prior to terminating a spontaneous or impromptu Event by individuals employed by or enrolled at the institution, the University will review whether relocation to another space on campus is appropriate.

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