Policy 13.01.01: Freedom of Expression

Relevant excerpt

Those who wish to engage in an expressive activity (including literature distribution) may engage in such expressive activity in the University’s common areas (e.g., University parks and sidewalks) without prior registration or approval. … If an expressive activity attracts an audience of 25 or more people, disrupts University business or classes, blocks building access, or creates traffic hazards, the expressive activity may be required to be relocated to another area on campus that can better accommodate the large group or type of activity.

The areas marked A, B, C, D, E, and F on the campus map (Addendum A) and provided below are the six (6) outdoor expressive activity areas that may be reserved in advance. These six areas may also be used for expressive activity without a reservation; however, an individual or group with a reservation will have exclusive use and priority over other individuals or groups.

A. Lynn Eusan Park: The park area located northwest of the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and southeast of the Ezekiel Cullen Building (Area A on the campus map). This is the only area of the six areas that is available for non-University affiliated individuals or groups to reserve and such individuals or groups must pay any applicable fees.

B. Student Center Plaza: The paved area located on the western half of the space between Student Center South and Student Center North (Area B on the campus map).

C. Student Center Satellite, Patio/Hill: The patio/hill area located at the southeast entrance to the Student Center Satellite (Area C on the campus map).

D. Butler Plaza: The plaza bounded by the Ezekiel Cullen Building, M. D. Anderson Library, the Technology Annex, and Phillip G. Hoffman Hall (Area D on the campus map).

E. Cougar Woods Arboretum: The grassy area located west of the Cougar Woods Dining Hall between the Dining Hall and Cullen Boulevard (Area E on the campus map).

F. Student Center Circle: The area in front of the Student Center South (Area F on the campus map).

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