Student Code of Conduct: Prohibited Behaviors

Relevant excerpt


A. Engaging in verbal or physical behavior that, according to a person of reasonable sensibilities, is likely to create an intimidating or demeaning environment that infringes upon the ability of other students, faculty and/or staff to access or receive the educational benefits available to them as a member of the University Community. The University prohibits such behavior directed at an individual or group based upon a protected class. Protected classes include: national origin, race, color, age, gender, ethnicity, disability, creed, religious beliefs, political affiliation, personal appearance, family status sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The Code also prohibits hate crimes, as defined in the District of Columbia Code.

B. Wearing articles of clothing with derogatory, racist, discriminatory, patently offensive, profane, sexually explicit, or graphic messages either in words or pictures, which demonstrate bias or discrimination against any individual or group within the University Community.

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