Ithaca College Policy Manual – Volume VII: Policies Pertaining to the Student Community – 7.1 General Student Policies – 7.1.5 Art Displays in Public Areas

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A student who wishes to display artwork in a public location on campus must submit a proposal to the dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences. The proposal will be evaluated by a committee that consists of the dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, the chairperson of the Department of Art, and the associate vice president for student affairs and campus life. The committee will consult with other individuals (instructor, facility manager, director of physical plan, director of public safety, etc.) as needed to evaluate the suitability of the artwork to be installed in relation to the location proposed for the installation. This evaluation will focus primarily on issues of safety and security. The student's proposal should include his or her conception of the installation, the specific site for the installation, how long the artwork will be displayed, and any other information that would assist the committee membership the evaluation. The College retains the right to determine which materials are displayed in certain public locations.

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