Student Handbook: Student Decorum Policy

Relevant excerpt

The Jackson State University Student Handbook sets forth expectations and guidelines for appropriate student decorum, and this policy is put in place as a supplement to clarify and extend the dress code. JSU is committed to fostering an educational environment that, consistent with its academic freedom and mission, prepares its students for success in the classroom and later in their careers. JSU may expect students to adhere to generally accepted standards of conduct. Actions that substantially interfere with the requirements of appropriate discipline or otherwise substantially interfere with the University’s educational mission or the rights of other students may be regulated.

This Decorum Policy shall be applied without discrimination in regard to the viewpoint embodied in a student’s dress or language, and it shall be applied to all students on an equal basis. Further, this policy is limited in time and place to University events, functions and educational facilities, specifically including classrooms. It is strongly encouraged, but not required, that these guidelines be followed elsewhere in an effort to provide a positive representation of ourselves and the University to the best of our abilities.

Prohibited dress shall include all lewd or obscene clothing and attire as well as any clothing or gear that, in the view of the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee, substantially interferes with the effectiveness of the educational environment and mission.

Speech in violation of State or Federal Law Illegal speech is also prohibited. Language usage can violate specific laws depending on the context. Some examples of such laws include disturbing the peace, intimidation, stalking, harassment, defamation, or libel.

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