Student Handbook: Peaceful Assembly

Relevant excerpt

Lincoln University acknowledges the rights and privileges of students or groups of students to gather on University property for peaceful assembly. The University expects the rights and privileges of all persons to be respected at such gatherings.

“Peaceful assembly” is defined as any purposeful gathering on campus, in or outside a University building or facility, by one or more persons whose conduct is peaceful and is following the University rules, practices, and law. Peaceful assembly includes meetings, speeches, debates, demonstrations, marches, vigils, sit-ins, rallies, protests, and similar meetings or gatherings that do not threaten or violate policies and rules; interfere with the conduct of University business, regular schedules or events; infringe on the rights of others; endanger the health and safety of others; or damage or destroy property.

Persons planning or initiating assemblies to be conducted on the University campus are requested to identify their groups and to state their purpose in advance to the appropriate University personnel through the dean of students.

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