Registered Student Organization Handbook: Peaceful Assembly

Relevant excerpt

Peaceful assemblies by students are not required to be scheduled or registered with the Office of the Dean of Students unless the event meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The event will be held in a building on campus.
  • The event will utilize a designated area, site or location on campus reasonably adjacent to facilities that are regularly scheduled for use by the University.
  • The event will utilize a designated area, site or location on campus at which events are typically scheduled.
  • The event may reasonably require involvement of a service department of the University, e.g., the directing of traffic and/or parking, managing a crowd, the turning on of electricity or the providing of electricity to the site, marking of playing fields, blocking of streets, setting up stages or platforms, placing special trash receptacles in the area, providing tables and/or chairs and inspection and/or cleanup after the event.
  • Any event involving a table, display or any other structure.
  • Any event involving amplified sound or sound that is otherwise sufficiently loud to cause a disturbance.
  • Any event involving the distribution of food or beverages. (See PS-78 for events involving alcohol and PS-60 for events involving food.)
  • Any event that poses reasonable safety concerns.
  • Any event that will involve out-of-pocket costs to the University. (Any such costs must be reimbursed by the user).

Although the University does not require the registration and scheduling of events that do not meet one or more of the above criteria, students or student organizations who plan such events are strongly encouraged to schedule and register such events at least 10 days in advance with the Office of the Dean of Students. Receiving the advice and counsel of staff who routinely deal with such matters will help to navigate University resources, departments and policies, as well as the Code of Student Conduct.

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