Middle Georgia State University Policy Manual: 6.4 Freedom of Expression Policy

Relevant excerpt

To facilitate the free exchange of ideas, MGA has designated accessible, high-traffic locations on campus as “Public Forum Areas.” The designation of these areas shall not be used to prohibit members of the University community from engaging in communication elsewhere on campus.

Members of the University community who are planning events or gatherings for the purpose of expression, and expect to draw a crowd of 30 or more persons, must submit a reservation request to the Division of Student Affairs at least three University business days in advance of the event.

If spontaneous expression draws a large group (30 or more persons), the Office of Student Affairs or the Campus Director will inform both the Office of Communications and University Police, so that they may ensure the safety of all involved and make any necessary announcements.

While members of the University community may engage in communication and expression anywhere on campus, the University reserves the right to have University Police ask groups that grow to more than 30 persons and/or are becoming disruptive to the learning environment or business operations of the university to relocate their demonstration or event to a designated Public Forum Area.

No matter the size of the group gathering, it is not necessary to reserve use of Public Forum Areas for purposes of immediate or spontaneous expression that is prompted, for instance, by news coming into public knowledge less than 48 hours prior to a demonstration.

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