Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Code of Conduct- Sexual Misconduct and Sex- or Gender-Based Discrimination Policies

Relevant excerpt

Sexual Harassment means: … Hostile Environment Harassment: unwelcome sexual conduct on the basis of sex determined by a reasonable person to be so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies an individual equal access to the University’s education programs or activities.

For the purposes of Hostile Environment Harassment , unwelcome sexual conduct can include any or all of the following behaviors, as well as others which are not listed:  public or private sexually suggestive comments concerning a person’s body or behavior, and sexual demands; remarks about clothing, body, sexual activities, sexual preferences, gender identity or sexual orientation, as well as teasing, jokes, remarks, or gestures which are sexual in nature; unnecessary touching, pinching, patting, or exposure of another person’s body; unwarranted staring at another person’s body; unwanted communications of a sexual nature in any form, over any medium, and in any media; or repetition of unwanted invitations for dates or romantic messaging.

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