Miami University Student Handbook: Solicitation, Political Canvassing 06-07

Category: Other Speech Codes, Statement School: Statement Rating: Not Rated Last updated: October 28, 2013

Relevant excerpt

All canvassers, at least two working days before the
period of canvassing is to begin, must register with the appropriate
office in the Division of Student Affairs and at that time provide
proper identification and evidence of affiliation with the group the
canvasser represents. Registration will include attesting to a
statement that their sole purpose for being on student living floors is
to campaign for a political candidate or to supply or seek other
information directly related to a political issue. After completing the
registration process, a card or sheet of authorization to campaign
door-to-door under these guidelines will be issued. The authorization
card must be signed and dated by the canvasser and the residence
director (in upper class residence halls) or the first-year adviser (in
first year halls) upon arrival and departure from any hall; this card
must be presented upon request of any resident or staff member.

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