Organization Guidebook: Millersville University Posting Policy

Relevant excerpt

1. In accordance with the University‘s drug and alcohol policy, the marketing, advertising or promotion of alcohol or referring to alcohol or other illicit drug use, abuse, sale or distribution is prohibited.
2. Sexist and discriminatory materials are strictly prohibited.
3. No more than one flyer will be allowed to be posted per bulletin board. 4. Approved signs may be hung on bulletin boards. All signs placed on glass doors/windows, painted/finished surfaces, or the building exterior will be removed. In addition, no posters, flyers or announcements may be attached to unapproved areas such as: trees, sidewalks, benches, walkways, stairs, trashcans, newspaper boxes or recycling bins.
5. Staple guns are not permitted.
6. All printed advertisements, announcements and signs must be identified with the name of the person responsible. …

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