Business Policy and Procedure Online Manual: Use of Facilities

Relevant excerpt

The University is committed to protecting the rights of expression, assembly, protest, and dissent and to making its facilities and grounds available for these activities.  Protecting impromptu and spontaneous assembly for the purpose of expression, protest, and dissent is essential to fulfilling this commitment. Thus, the lack of a reservation to use space is not a basis for terminating any expressive activity, including impromptu activities, unless the protest or assembly conflicts with a previously scheduled event in the same location, is being held in any of the restricted locations noted below, or is identified as engaging in one or more of the prohibited behaviors described below.

2. Spaces listed below are available for reservation by University or non-University organizations or departments. If these spaces are unreserved, they are available for unscheduled expressive events and activities:

  • Francis Quadrangle;
  • Carnahan Quadrangle;
  • Traditions Plaza;
  • McAlester Park (also known as Peace Park);
  • Lowry Mall;
  • Kulhman Court;
  • Dairy Lawn;
  • Plaza south of Jesse Hall; and
  • Walsworth Plaza.

Nothing in this Section should be interpreted or understood as limiting expressive speech and activities, whether planned or impromptu, at public University functions, activities, and events or in outdoor recreational areas in circumstances where the speech or activity (1) does not interfere with the event’s occurrence or prevent audience members from hearing or observing the event, or (2) does not interfere with the outdoor recreational area’s use for its intended purpose.

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