Free Speech Area

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: Morehead State University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: August 27, 2018

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The area of the Eagle Veterans Monument and the Little Bell Tower have traditionally served as campus locations that best facilitate speech activities. Traditionally referred to as the free speech area*, these sites are centrally located, have high volumes of pedestrian traffic, afford multiple routes for the free flow of traffic, and tend to create the least disruption to academic activitiesandresidentialzones. SeveralsitesmaybereservedinthisareathroughtheOffice of Conference and Event Services (/Administration/Facilities-Management/Conference-Event- Services).

*Outdoor Public Forums on Campus

The right to use particular locations on MSU’s campus for speech activities is largely a function of the character and/or location of the property where the speech occurs. The free expression of ideas are permitted in most outdoor areas of the campus. However, MSU must be able to ensure safety, security and order, prevent unlawful conduct, preserve campus property, and limit any disruption to the mission of the University. Therefore, reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on the use of these area may be necessary. We recommend that any university affiliated person or organization desiring to coordinate or engage in activities such as meetings, rallies, parades, conferences, speeches, distribution of written materials, and information booths submit their request to use space through the Office of Conference and Event Services.

In the interest of public safety and protecting the mission of the university, persons and organization who are not affiliated with Morehead State University are required to request the use of space through the Office of Conference and Event Services at least two business days in advance unless deemed a spontaneous event. Person or organizations failing to make such a request risk significantly interfering with and/or disrupting university business. Such disruption is not permissible or protected and may require the person or organization to cease their activity. In most circumstances, sound amplification/PA systems are not permitted and non- university sponsored/sanctioned activities are limited to daylight hours.

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