The Office of Conference & Event Services 2016 Policy Manual: Free Speech Area

Relevant excerpt

The area of the Eagle Veterans Monument near the Little Bell Tower is designated as the University’s free speech area. Like many of those in place on other public campuses, MSU’s free speech area resulted from U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the late 1960’s that said public schools could not deny any person’s First Amendment guarantee of freedom of expression. However, the Court also ruled that institutions could dictate the time, place and manner of free speech in such areas. MSU’s site was selected on the basis that it is centrally located and can be avoided by pedestrians who do not wish to hear what is being said.

The hours of the Free Speech Area are 10:00am-2:00pm.

PA systems are NOT permitted.

Any individual or organization utilizing the free speech zone must request to use the space through the Office of Conference and Event Services (OCES).

OCES reserves the right to move large audiences to other locations if it will be a disruption to the normal class day.

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