Spartan Life Student Handbook: Guidelines Regarding Bulk Email by Internal Users on MSUnet

Relevant excerpt

“Bulk email” in this context means the transmission of an email message within a short time frame to more than a small set of recipients who may not have elected voluntarily to receive the email. “Short time frame” means an interval spanning as long as 2 days. “Small set of recipients” means the size of individual-recipient address lists (To, CC, BCC fields) typical of most emails in common use, ranging from 1, to a few, to as many as may be involved in a large committee or work group (20-30). Use of mailing lists and listservs to which recipients may voluntarily opt in and opt out is encouraged, and this type of email distribution is not included in the meaning of “bulk email” in this document.

  • Prohibited uses. Bulk emailing may not be used for personal purposes, advertising or solicitations, or political statements or purposes.

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