President’s Statement on Free Speech Rights and Responsibilities

Relevant excerpt

Lawful and peaceable public demonstrations are permitted by the University and are protected by the law, without regard to the point of view being expressed. Members of the University’s community of scholars are free to organize, debate, pass resolutions, distribute leaflets, circulate petitions, picket, and otherwise express themselves regarding issue of political and social interest. However, no individual or group of individuals may disrupt other campus activities or programs.

The robust exchange of ideas and perspectives can be indicative of a healthy intellectual environment. However, actions that directly or indirectly inhibit the freedoms and rights enjoyed by others are anathema to maintenance of a collegial environment. Under the civil and criminal law, as well as the University’s ordinances and policies, it is impermissible for an individual or group to deny free expression to others who are engaged in peaceable discourse or dissent, to deny any person’s freedom of movement on the University’s property, to obstruct ingress and egress with respect to buildings or public areas, to endanger or threaten to endanger any person on University property, or to otherwise disrupt the ability of other persons to participate and enjoy the benefits of campus life.

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