Student Handbook: Guidelines and Implementing Procedures for the Use of University Facilities

Relevant excerpt

[U]se of University buildings and/or property is prohibited unless prior clearance and arrangements have been made.


The University Event Center serves as the centralized operation through which all campus events and activities are scheduled, planned, coordinated and executed.

University Event Center reservation request(s) must be submitted to the University Event Center 15 working days prior to any event in order to ensure timely processing, confirmation of availability and any costs associated with the production of the event.

1. All events taking place outdoors, held in venues holding 500 people or more, and/or requiring ticket sales are considered major events. These events often require extensive logistical needs including, but not limited to, staging and sound/light equipment, campus security, musical performance/theatrical productions, etc.

2. All persons/organizations planning major events must submit their reservation request(s) NO less than 30 days prior to the proposed event date. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The University Event Center reserves the right to assign University Police coverage to any event deemed a safety risk. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the event.

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