Bias Incidents

Category: Policies on Bias and Hate Speech School: North Carolina State University – Raleigh Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: November 16, 2017

Relevant excerpt

BIRT defines a Bias Incident as any activity that intimidates, demeans, mocks, degrades, marginalizes, or threatens individuals or groups based on that individual’s or group’s actual or perceived protected class. These incidents can occur whether the act is intentional or unintentional. In identifying a bias incident, the focus is on the impact of an action on an individual or group, not the intention or motivation of the actor.

A bias incident is an occurrence that does not give rise to a policy violation. Policy violations are handled and redressed through the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, consistent with POL 04.25.05 and related Regulations. Student Conduct Code violations are handled and redressed through the Office of Student Conduct.


Our team emphasizes four areas of focus: awareness, support, education and restoration. We aim to equip the NC State community with the skills needed to appropriately confront offensive speech or actions — and to encourage offenders to understand the significance of their speech or actions and take responsibility for them. It is not BIRT’s goal to censor or limit protected speech.

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