REG 07.25.12 – Solicitation

Relevant excerpt

2.5  “Non-Commercial Solicitation” means any hand distribution of leaflets, brochures or other written materials designed for informational and not commercial purposes.  This definition does not include the dissemination of information for purposes of the administrative, academic, research, or extension activities of the University.

5.1.1 University Groups, Student Groups, Students, and their sponsored Non-University Groups and individuals may conduct non-commercial solicitation without reserving space in any outdoor area of campus and the common areas of the Talley Student Union and the Witherspoon Student Center, the use of which is not otherwise restricted, reserved, or scheduled.  However, a member of the University or Student Group or the student sponsoring the Non-University groups or individuals must be present at all times with these participants while conducting such activity.

5.1.2 Although not required, to further the effectiveness of the use, these groups and individuals are encouraged to reserve space for the solicitation.  Advance reservation enables the university to help ensure that the solicitation does not conflict with a reserved or scheduled use, takes place in a constructive and effective manner, and to assist the groups and individuals in seeing that the activity does not disrupt the university’s educational activities and essential processes.

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