Student Handbook: Freedom of Speech and Assembly; Picketing and Demonstrations

Relevant excerpt

(a) No student, faculty or other staff member or authorized visitor shall be subject to any limitation or penalty solely for the expression of his views nor for having assembled with others for such purpose. Peaceful picketing and other orderly demonstrations in public areas of grounds and buildings will not be interfered with. Those involved in picketing and demonstrations may not, however, engage in specific conduct in violation of the provisions of the preceding Section.

(b) In order to afford maximum protection to the participants and to the institutional community, each State-operated institution of the State University shall promptly adopt and promulgate, and thereafter continue in effect as revised from time to time, procedures appropriate to such institution for the giving of reasonable advance notice to such institution of any planned assembly, picketing or demonstration upon the grounds of such institution, its proposed locale and intended purpose; provided, however, that the giving of such notice shall not be made a condition precedent to any such assembly, picketing or demonstration and provided, further, that this provision shall not supersede nor preclude the procedures in effect at such institution for obtaining permission to use the facilities thereof.

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