Student Handbook: Policy Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities

Relevant excerpt

8. Students will be free from censorship in the publication and dissemination of their views as long as these are not represented as the views of Northwestern University and do not violate any University policies.
9. Student publications are free from any official action controlling editorial policy. Publications shall not bear the name of the University or purport to issue from it without University approval.
10. Students are free to form, join, and participate in any group for intellectual, religious, social, economic, political, or cultural purposes.
11. A student is free, individually or in association with other individuals, to engage in all campus activities, exercising the right of a citizen of the community, state, and nation, provided he or she does not in any way purport to represent the University.
12. Students are free to use campus facilities for meetings of recognized student organizations, subject to policies as to time and manner governing the facility.
13. Students may invite and hear speakers of their choice on subjects of their choice, and approval will not be withheld by University officers for the purpose of censorship.
14. Students will have their views and welfare considered in the formation of University policy and will be consulted by or represented on University committees that affect students as members of the University community.
15. Students are free to assemble, to demonstrate, to communicate, and to protest, recognizing that freedom requires order, discipline, and responsibility and further recognizing the right of all faculty and students to pursue their legitimate goals without interference.

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